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Offering an unfiltered view of your supply chain:

Reliable Feedback

Laborlink uses the tools that are already in the hands of workers. With a variety of mobile technologies, from Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to WeChat, Laborlink is the most cost-effective way to collect unfiltered feedback directly from workers.

Actionable Data

MyLaborlink provides timely snapshots of your supply chain so you can keep a pulse on what’s happening on the factory floor – before problems occur. Key survey topics provide worker insights on job satisfaction, including worker safety, factory conditions, working hours, and wages.

Better Factories

Join a network of over 30 companies that believe that what’s good for workers can also be good for business. Direct worker feedback enables our partners to measure impact, benchmark, and improve worker well-being in a way that drives business results.

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  • “Laborlink gives us a direct channel to engage with workers in our supply chain and track progress on strategic issues. M&S values the real-time data and insightful analysis it provides.”

    - Fiona Sadler

    Head of Ethical Trading, Marks & Spencer

  • “This survey methodology is a valuable complement to Ericsson’s supplier audit program, as it provides the direct perception and opinion of an employee beyond auditing.”

    - Eva Andrén

    Head of Group Sourcing, Ericsson

  • “Recruitment and retention of workers are our major challenges. Laborlink helps our management understand the needs of workers to develop new welfare measures.”

    - Selvakumar

    Assistant HR Manager, Skyline Exports